The Bloodhound Project About Hakskeen Pan

Update: The dates for BLOODHOUND’s 500mph runs in South Africa have changed. For further details see the BLOODHOUND 500 event web page.


BLOODHOUND SSC will make its record-breaking runs at Hakskeen Pan in the north-western corner of South Africa, in the Northern Cape.

Over 19km long and 5km wide, Hakskeen Pan is ideal for World Land Speed Record runs because it is very hard and very flat, and has good access, nearby accommodation, on-site power and good communications.

Where exactly is Hakskeen Pan?

The co-ordinates for Hakskeen Pan are -26° 49' 31.07", +20° 12' 28.72"

Have a look at the map below. You can use the zoom in and out buttons (the ones marked "+" and "-" in the bottom right hand corner), and you will see that it is in the North West of South Africa, not far from Namibia and Botswana.

The nearest airport is Upington, but you can also travel there overland from Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Hakskeen Pan or Hakskeenpan?

"Hakskeen" is "heel" in Afrikaans, one of  the languages used in South Africa, and a "pan" in this sense is a natural depression in the ground. Hakskeen Pan is probably named due to its shape on a map. In Afrikaans, you would say Hakskeenpan, but in English this becomes Hakskeen Pan.

More information

For more information on the area, please visit the Northern Cape government website or the Northern Cape Tourism website.