The Bloodhound Project Schalk Mouton

Schalk Mouton

Mettle PR - South Africa
Schalk Mouton has worked as a journalist in several South African newsrooms for the past 15 years. During this time he not only gathered valuable experience in journalism, but also an intimate knowledge of the local news industry.
Schalk has covered several beats, including sport, hard news, politics and travel as well as served as news editor on two major publications. Throughout his career Schalk had a keen interest in environmental and science journalism (his early studies were in the fields of zoology and ecology), but it was only later that he started focusing his attention to these beats.
While working as a news editor, Schalk became aware of the Bloodhound Project, which immediately grabbed his attention.
“It is not just the major adventure of the project that interested me, it is the whole idea of trying to inspire people – especially children - to try and reach something that they never thought was remotely possible,” he said.
Schalk is the founder of a boutique agency, Story Studio. Based in South Africa, Story Studio specialises in creating high quality content and PR services for companies and NGOs, especially in the science and environment fields.