The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND SSC Activity Sheet


Sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and designed with the help of Kids In Museums, this big discovery sheet (864mm x 700mm) is designed for girls and boys from 5-13, to provoke investigation and exploration around the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.  Our resident artist and film maker, Stefan Marjoram has produced wonderful illustrations of BLOODHOUND and its main rivals for the Land Speed Record to compare and there’s space to design your own record breaking car; with some engineering drawings if you like.

There are questions to get you thinking about the car’s design, what it’s going to be like for our driver Andy, in the cockpit driving across a desert at 1000 mph!  

•    What would you use to power a car like this?  
•    What shape do you think it should be?  
•    What’s it made of?  
•    Where do you go to run a car like this and how much help do you think you would need to do it?

Have fun with the activities and use the website to help you discover more.

•    Want to show off your designs and clever thinking?
•    Stuck for ideas or need some help?

Sign up at www.BLOODHOUNDBLAST.com and share your activities with the other BLOODHOUND ‘BLASTERS’ and find out what they’re up to!


Single sheet: £3.00 + £2.00 (UK) or £3.00 (overseas) - up to 3 items per 1 shipping charge

Pack of 10 sheets: £25.00 + £5.00 (UK) or £7.50 (overseas) - up to 2 packs per 1 shipping charge