The Bloodhound Project Misc

Thrust SSC Commemorative Coin

Celebrating 20 years since Thrust SSC broke the World Land Speed Record with a 2 way average of 763mph (Mach 1.02), this enamelled commemorative coin comes in a fitted black presentation case.

The coins are made from a brass based alloy which gives them the weighty/quality feel in the hand. Each coin weighs 50 grams and is 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and 3mm thick.


Bloodhound Cuddly Toy Dog

Lovely soft BLOODHOUND cuddly toy dog dressed in his very own BLOODHOUND doggy coat! Length is 30cm.


Bloodhound SSC book

"The Science Behind the Speed" by David Tremayne and the Bloodhound Team.

Beautiful hardback book - A Design Manual for rthe World's Fastest Car - charts the story of the design of Bloodhound SSC. 134 pages, full colour pictures and illustrations throughout


ThrustSSC Corgi model

Corgi diecast model of the current World Land Speed Record holder ThrustSSC commissioned by the Coventry Transport Museum.

The model is aproximately 165mm in length being around 1/90th scale.


BloodhoundSSC Sports Bottle

The BloodhoundSSC Sports bottle is made from LDPE Plastic, has a pull-up nozzle and a wide neck.

Size is 195 x 70 mm with a capacity of 500 ml.

Printed around the outside of this blue bottle is "BLOODHOUND SSC" and a picture of the car in white.



Sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and designed with the help of Kids In Museums, this big discovery sheet (864mm x 700mm) is designed for girls and boys from 5-13, to provoke investigation and exploration around the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.  Our resident artist and film maker, Stefan Marjoram has produced wonderful illustrations of BLOODHOUND and its main rivals for the Land Speed Record to compare and there’s space to design your own record breaking car; with some engineering drawings if you like.


BLOODHOUND SSC Engineering Design Sheet

This huge creative space (952mm x 1270mm) is designed as a platform for delivery of working ideas and final solutions to a set design brief.

This educational resource is now being widely used at events by the BLOODHOUND SSC Education Team and by the BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors. Suited for students to work in teams of 4-6, it’s very cost effective.


School resource pack

The school resource pack includes balloon car kits, chatterboxes posters etc in class sized numbers


Thrust2 DVD For Britain and the Hell of it

Thrust2 DVD - "For Britain and the Hell of it"

Digitally remastered from the original 1983 film, this is the story of Richard Noble breaking the World Land Speed Record on 4th October 1983 with additional commentary and interviews with Richard Noble and Andy Green.