The Bloodhound Project School resource pack

School resource pack

The school resource pack includes:

Balloon car kits:

One of our most favourite and popular activities is making balloon powered cars. The BLOODHOUND SSC balloon car kit is now available for you to buy and make at home! The pack includes double-sided printed card car to cut out, 4 wheels, 2 dowel axles, 3 straws and a balloon. Instructions are included on the card.



Cut out and fold to make a colourful chatterbox revealing amazing facts about BLOODHOUND SSC.


Cut out and fold to make a booklet all about BLOODHOUND SSC

Posters and Augmented Reality cards:

Also included are a number of colourful, double-sided BLOODHOUND SSC posters showing lots of information, and Augmented Reality cards with the printed trigger image and help for you to download our AR App.


These kits are available in 3 sizes:

  30 pack 60 pack 120 pack
balloon car kits + 10% spares 30 60 120
chatterboxes and booklets 30 60 120
Augmented Reality cards (only when available) 30 60 120
posters 2 4 8
cost £60 £120 £228
p&p £5 £10 £10

Only available in the UK