The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND Sponsors

Sponsor us and help us inspire a generation

The BLOODHOUND Project is inspiring a new generation to explore and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But we can only achieve this with sponsorship from companies and other organisations supporting the Project.

Our sponsors provide support in many ways, as shown below. In return, they benefit from association with one of the most high-tech projects in the world. Depending on their level of sponsorship, they may also:

  • Be able to work with our Education Programme.
  • Enjoy opportunities to showcase their technologies, products and services, and network with other sponsors and Project supporters.
  • Work with our Team on special projects.
  • Request speaking engagements and appearances by members of our Team.
  • Receive priority booking/tickets to BLOODHOUND events and the runs in South Africa.
  • Show their support for the Project through use of our logo and selected imagery*.

If this resonates with you and your organisation would like to partner with the BLOODHOUND Project, we have a range of options available to match all budgets, from entry-level SME up to Main Sponsor level. Please email us on sponsorship@bloodhoundssc.com to discuss the benefits of being part of this World Land Speed Record Project and how you can become one of our valued group of sponsors.

Thank you to our sponsors

The BLOODHOUND Team would like to thank all of our existing and past sponsors, without whom building the Car and running our Education Programme would not be possible.

* We really value the support given by our sponsors, so how they can use the BLOODHOUND logo and imagery varies according to the level and duration of each sponsorship agreement. If you have any questions about using our logo and/or imagery, please contact the Sponsorship Team.


Main Sponsors are companies that provide significant financial support to BLOODHOUND. They may also provide technical know-how and/or products. In return for their support, they receive media exposure, networking opportunities and other benefits associated with being a principal patron of a high profile global project. 

Meet our Main Sponsors.

Special Category Sponsors

The BLOODHOUND Project is supported by a select group of companies that provide a unique service or product to the Team. These currently include partners for Timing, Network and Video, Cloud, Logistics and Eyewear.

Discover our Special Category Sponsors and find out how you can join this elite list.

Stripe Sponsors have contributed financially to the Project in return for a logo on both sides of the Car itself and images/models of the Car. They may also support the Project in other ways, such as providing products or services. 

See our list of Stripe Sponsors.

SME Sponsors are small- and medium-sized companies that have contributed financially in return for a logo on the side of the Car.

Meet our SME Sponsors.

Product Sponsors help us run the Project and build the Car by supplying goods and services. They play a vital role in the Project’s success. 

See the list of Product Sponsors


We have launched a new Business Supporters’ Club for companies that want to show their support during the exciting phase where we prepare for and run the Car in South Africa. Membership is available on an annual basis.

Find out more about our Business Supporters’ Club.