The Bloodhound Project AirBench Ltd

AirBench Ltd

AirBench Ltd manufacture the UK's leading range of downdraught dust and fume extraction benches.

AirBenches are self-contained work benches, with a built-in extraction and filtration system. Dust, fumes, and contaminants are drawn down through the surface into the internal filters, and clean air is returned to the room. AirBench can be configured for a huge range of fume or dust issues, and can be demonstrated on-site prior to purchase.

We became involved with Bloodhound SSC due to the extensive use of carbon fibre in the construction of the car - leading to an ongoing requirement for highly effective dust extraction.

We are proud to sponsor the Bloodhound SSC team; the project is a fantastic opportunity to promote British industry and a great boost for engineering education throughout the country. With our extensive background supporting F1 teams during their composite manufacturing processes, Bloodhound is a natural progression for AirBench Ltd.