The Bloodhound Project Drallim Group

Drallim Group

The Drallim Group is an innovative technology driven British engineering company with global presence and experience in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions.

We are a leading innovator in design and manufacturing, providing engineering skills, manufactured equipment & custom-built systems for the Aerospace, Industrial and Utility Markets.

Our bespoke light to heavy-duty cable controls offer the user the flexibility of remote actuation in either push or pull operating modes. An extensive range of cables, wire fittings and conduit assembly techniques are used to meet the needs of many demanding remote control actuation uses, as well as numerous automotive functions. Our Heavy duty and Push-pull control cables are used in a diverse range of vehicles, off road or otherwise.

Covering a wide range of Industries and Markets, our objective is to give total customer satisfaction.

“We are very proud and excited to be involved with supporting the Bloodhound project with products that we know will contribute to its overall success”