The Bloodhound Project Eurotainer SA

Eurotainer SA

Eurotainer is a proud sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC project.

Bloodhound will need high concentration hydrogen peroxide, an unstable oxygenated water to assist the combustion in the rocket used the last phase of the record runs.

Eurotainer has supplied a storage tank meeting all the safety regulations of safe transport and storage if the peroxide. Fitted with special safety devices, sensors and a data logger it will stand on location in South Africa for the next few month to gather the data which will allow the team to make sure that the peroxide will not be altered by the weather conditions.

Following this test, the tank will be brought back to Europe for loading and sent back to South Africa ready for the records.

CCR, a sister company of Eurotainer will be supplying the smaller tanks required for refueling Bloodhound at the end of each run.

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