The Bloodhound Project Exonar


Exonar was founded in the UK in 2010, it was set up primarily to enable large, information rich organisations to protect themselves from ever more advanced cyber attacks.  They find large organisations' important information by developing big data applications that search, analyse and make sense of large volumes of data.

Exonar Raven is a powerful big data system that crawls organisations’ networks so that information can be evaluated and analysed. In its typical use – Raven crawls terabytes of data a day and with its unique 3D interface and sophisticated search system, can be used to identify relevant data based on meta information and documents content in a matter of seconds.

Exonar is providing its software (Exonar Raven) and development expertise to the BLOODHOUND project, providing a search platform for expert and lay-users to easily access design, technical and test documentation regarding BLOODHOUND.

To find out more please visit http://www.exonar.com/