The Bloodhound Project jbj Techniques Limited

jbj Techniques Limited

jbj Techniques Limited donated back in 2011 to The BLOODHOUND SSC project to join the many supporters that have their name on the tail fin of the car. We have avidly followed the progress since and were thrilled to have this chance to be part of the project supplying a suitable power transmission coupling towards the project.

As an engineering organisation long established since 1974 we are only too aware of the need to promote engineering within Great Britain. When in 2011 we said:

"Inspire, invigourate, empower and promote the engineers of the future. jbj Techniques Ltd, mechanical & fluid power transmission experts believe the idea and ethics of this project endeavour to do exactly this. Engineers, industry, government and the British public need to support the Bloodhound project. You have our sincere support - go, go, go!"

we meant every word. We believe that the BLOODHOUND SSC project is helping to alter the perception of engineering for the better, to encourage the engineers of the future.

An excellence in engineering; quality products for mechanical & fluid power - jbj Techniques Limited.

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