The Bloodhound Project STP


The BLOODHOUND Project has remarkable synergy with founder sponsor and premier engine fuel additive brand STP, whose major backing of World Land Speed Record holders in the barnstorming days of the ‘50s and 60s at Bonneville, USA, contributed to STP’s heritage, fame and current pre-eminence worldwide.

2009 marked the 50th anniversary of STP’s first forays into World Land Speed Record sponsorships, when the likes of Athol Graham, and brothers Art and Walt Arfons, time and again ran the salt flats in their bid to grasp the title of the fastest man on earth.

With that title now proudly resting with Britain’s Andy Green, whose supersonic World Land Speed Record soared to 763.035mph in October 1997, the BLOODHOUND Project provides the most exciting, compelling and enduring arena in which to once again showcase the STP product, to engage and educate consumers and future users on wider issues of engine efficiency, and to spearhead a major international STP brand campaign.

Within the heart of BLOODHOUND SSC, STP fuel additives - the same as those available to motorists on the street - will once again be employed to optimise engine efficiency, as Richard Noble’s team, with Andy Green again at the helm, bids for further all-conquering landmarks in the captivating history of the World Land Speed Record - the greatest sporting challenge on earth.