The Bloodhound Project Model Rocket Car Workshop

Invite the BLOODHOUND Education team to visit your school or college and we will inspire your students with our hands-on activities based around our project to build the world’s first 1,000mph car – BLOODHOUND SSC.

In this package we offer up to 100 children the chance to build and race model rocket cars at up to 55mph, learning about physics, maths, engineering and aerodynamics as they do so. It’s a fantastic STEM-based activity for schools – sure to excite and inspire children of all ages!

What we offer

The Model Rocket Car Workshop can be run in a whole or half day format, with the students working in teams of 2 or 3. During a 2.5 hour session, 50 pupils will work in pairs to design and build their rocket cars, culminating in a high speed race. This can then be repeated in the afternoon with another 50 pupils.

If this is run as a full-day workshop with two sessions, additional time can be spent on design, allowing for more modifications to the foam block and more creativity in the final stage, as well as more time for painting and a longer, more in-depth review and feedback session.

Afterwards, schools are provided with the data that is gathered to allow for further activities in the classroom.

Schedule – 2.5 hour session

Time Activity
45 minutes  
  • Introduction to the BLOODHOUND Project - building a 1,000mph car and the science and technology involved in this unique engineering adventure.
  • Introduction to the Model Rocket Car Workshop
  • What to consider when designing and building your own model rocket car.
1 hour
  • Design and build cars.
  • Pupils break into teams of 2 or 3.
  • Design the shape of their car and manufacture from a foam block rocket car kit.
  • Attach wheels and stylize the finished car.
½ hour
  • Race cars under timed conditions.
  • Can be raced against each other in competition mode.
15 minutes
  • Announcement of winning team.
  • Summary and close.


  • Classroom with tables for students to work in pairs and AV system for presentation and video.
  • A long smooth, hard, flat surface to race cars along – minimum 40m long, 6m wide; for example a car park or tennis court.
  • Sufficient space next to the track for the audience to stand 3m back from track; with barriers for safety.

How to book

To find out more or make a booking, please email education@bloodhoundeducation.com.