The Bloodhound Project Efar Ltd

Efar Ltd

Why Efar joined the Bloodhound project:
Efar had heard of the project through a number of sources and were introduced to the team by our partners Virgin Media.  Efar have close associations with the engineering industry, particularly the aeronautical and automotive sector, where we work in developing and delivering new ideas to enable companies to grow.  The Bloodhound project is an exciting and dynamic program that brings excellence to engineering and Efar feel a synergy with the bloodhound team ethos that will deliver the ultimate goal.
What we are doing for the project:
Efar are providing a managed cloud base onto which the Bloodhound team install their education and production web sites.  This is connected to high capacity bandwidth to allow large numbers of interested parties to view information on the project.  The solution uses the same infrastructure that Efar provide engineering firms to manage and distribute CAD models using hosted Enovia and Smarteam solutions.   Efar’s solution has been chosen because it is robust and scalable, allowing us to increase and decrease the horse power behind the sites based on demand.
About Efar:
Efar are an ISP and systems integrator, offering a range of products to connect sites, provide voice communications using traditional and advanced call routing, protect those sites, off site information in the cloud, secure the information with backup and restore options and respond to unfolding technical issues or developments.  We specialise in the provision of solutions to the engineering and financial services industries.  Our job is to take the technology that people talk about and make it work, so that when you buy it from Efar, its deployment to your organisation has been de-risked.