The Bloodhound Project Auxiliary Power Unit and HTP Delivery System

Bloodhound SSC Vehicle Technical Specification: configuration 11, June 2012




Type Petrol, normally aspirated, lightweight, high power output, proven and reliable, readily available
Make and Model Cosworth CA2010
Engine Pre-heat required Yes
Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Power Output
(at Hakskeen Pan altitude)
bhp   750+ @ 18,000rpm @ SLS Calibration and Power output to be verified at altitude of 2,600ft AMSL (Hakskeen Pan)
Peak Engine Speed rpm   18000  
Configuration     90˚ V8  
Engine Capacity cc   2400  
Mass kg   >95 (Dry)  
Clutch -   Carbon three plate  
Starting mechanism -   On-board starter  
Cooling Method -   Ice/water tank  
Lubrication System -   Dry Sump  
Oil inlet temp ˚C   ?  
Fuel -   Unleaded  




Definition Unit Target Status Comment
HTP Pump final drive ratio -   1.6  
HTP pump drive output speed (design) rpm 11000 11000  
HTP Pump Transmission efficiency (estimated) %   96  
HTP pump engagement -   Dog engagement hydraulic actuation  


HTP Pump


Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Pump Configuration     Stentor large pump with improved volute  
Power Requirement (Design) shp 665 665  
Peak Pump Speed (Contingency) rpm 12000 12000  
Pump Speed (Design) rpm 11000 11000  
Pump Torque (Design) Nm 430 430  
Pump Flow Rate (Design) kg/sec 47.6 47.6  
HTP Inlet Pressure MPa 0.165 0.165  
HTP Delivery Pressure (Design) 7.58 MPa      
Pump Efficiency Est. 65%      
Volute and Bearing Housing     - 6082 T6 Aluminium
Pump Shaft, Impeller & Inducer     - S80 Stainless Steel
Balancing of Rotating Parts     - G1 Standard
Front/rear Bearing Type     - Roller/Ball Race
Pump Cooling     - Self cooling with HTP
Pump Mass     23 kg  


HTP Tank


Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Tank Configuration     TBC  
Total Tank Volume litres 810 950  
Dimensions mm TBC TBC  
Material   6061 T6 Aluminium Stainless steel 316  
Working Pressure MPa 0.165 0.165  
Max. Working Temperature ˚C      
Test Pressure MPa TBC TBC  
Baffle Configuration Horizontal and vertical plates with 114mm diam holes      
Outlet Diameter mm 108 108  
Pressurising Gas   Nitrogen Nitrogen  
Vent Valve diameter mm 100-150 101.6 Butterfly Vent Valve with low pressure blow off flapper. Needs simple hose connection on external face for vent hose connection. Located on top of tank at opposite end to the emergency water deluge to facilitate mixing.
Combined fill and drain mm   51mm Situated on top of tank – internal pipe extending from top to bottom for tank drain
Dry Break Connector       On car Socket (dry break) Staubli or similar:
        Length: 146mm
Tank Drain mm   25.4 1” dry break lance connection on bottom of tank, for cleaning and complete emptying of tank. Access through side of Monocoque.
Water Port – Deluge mm   51 2” dry break connector as for tank filling – see above. Once connected should be able to operate remotely. Located top of tank - opposite end to the tank vent to facilitate mixing.
Nitrogen Inlet Valve       Located Top front of tank. May need an extra manifold above HTP tank fro Ni. Approx 10 bar, 50-60 litres.
Pressure Relief Valve (small dia) mm     To maintain a max 24psi blanket on HTP.
Leak Mitigation Mechanism     Tank covered in external plastic jacket to contain small leaks  




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