The Bloodhound Project Vehicle Technical Specification



This document is to provide a top-level (vehicle level) source of design specification, targets, design assumptions and design status for the BLOODHOUND Project.

It is intended to provide a common source of data for the engineering team and to provide a means of monitoring design maturity at various stages of the project.

The document is not intended to replace system or sub-system specifications, but it is meant to encapsulate or refer to them.

The BLOODHOUND Project’s objective is to instil enthusiasm in Engineering in Britain by obtaining the World Land Speed Record as safely and cost effectively as possible.  To that end targets are set in this document and are meant to be the current design intention.  These targets may be varied from time to time via a relevant engineering meeting in order to take advantage of opportunities or risks as they become apparent.

This document is continually updated and new versions will be issued periodically.



BLOODHOUND Programme Limited has provided this data as advisory and indicative and specifically and exclusively for the purpose of education. All facts, figures, concepts and principals provided relate only to the BLOODHOUND project. They may be inaccurate, out of date and subject to revision without notice. Under no circumstances should the data provided (or any derivative thereof) be used in whole or in part for any project, except in a purely theoretical environment. It should be understood that the entire project is experimental with high levels of personal risk and danger.

BLOODHOUND Programme Limited, its directors, designers and associates do not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for use by any party of the data provided in breach of these terms.

All data provided by BLOODHOUND Programme Limited is confidential and proprietary to the BLOODHOUND Programme Limited. All such data shall only be used for the purposes of education and shall not be used by any party for commercial gain.