The Bloodhound Project Ambassador programme

The BLOODHOUND Project’s mission is to share our 1,000mph Engineering Adventure and inspire children and young people by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible. To help us do this, we are supported by an amazing team of volunteers, known as BLOODHOUND Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors inform, advise and enthuse teachers, students and the general public about the BLOODHOUND Project, both in the UK and abroad:

  • STEM Ambassadors engage with students and young people at schools and colleges, and can support us at public events as well.
  • Event Ambassadors engage with the public at BLOODHOUND promotional events.

All our Ambassadors have access to online training and resources to support them when they represent the Project.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors work with teachers, youth leaders and pupils in schools and youth groups in their local area, on a variety of BLOODHOUND-related topics, such as:

  • contributing to a school lesson
  • supporting a national STEM Activity
  • visiting an afterschool STEM club
  • taking part in a school ‘off curriculum’ day
  • presenting during a school assembly
  • supporting school visits to BLOODHOUND events
  • running an activity for Scouts, Guides or similar youth groups.

STEM Ambassadors don’t ‘teach’ lessons, but they do bring their own expertise to the classroom, and have access to a wide range of videos, sample presentations and activities. You can find out more about being a STEM Ambassador by watching the video at the bottom of this page.

Event Ambassadors

Event Ambassadors are the ‘public face’ of the BLOODHOUND Project. They provide volunteer support at regional and national events, such as the Farnborough Air Show and Goodwood Festival of Speed, assisting our Events Team and talking to the public and invited guests about the aims and aspirations of the Project. They may also be asked to promote the 1K Club and sell merchandise.

Can I be an Ambassador?

To be an Ambassador, it helps if you are confident and articulate, but the most important things are enthusiasm for the Project, a sense of fun and a willingness to engage with people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Our Ambassadors have a wide variety of backgrounds – some have (or have had) STEM careers, but not all, and some have been involved in previous World Land Speed Record projects, but most haven’t. If you can speak with confidence about technical matters, then that helps, but we will give you the training you need so that you can explain the technology behind BLOODHOUND and the manufacturing and testing processes.

Because BLOODHOUND STEM Ambassadors work with young people in different locations, the procedure is a little different and includes registering with STEM Learning, which runs the UK’s nationwide network of STEM Ambassadors.

Corporate Ambassadors

Some of our sponsors and other large organisations have set up their own Ambassador Programmes that work alongside the BLOODHOUND Project, using our resources and contacts. This often supports their organisation’s corporate and social responsibility (CSR) aims. They may provide STEM and/or Event Ambassadors, and their presentations, dress and resources can be co-branded. 

Corporate Ambassadors promote both BLOODHOUND and the host company’s activity within the Project, and aim to work closely with schools and colleges locally, regionally or nationally.

If your organisation is interested in our Corporate Ambassador programme, please email ambassadors@bloodhoundeducation.com .

Find out more

You can read accounts by many of our Ambassadors in the News section of our website - these are just some of the highlights:

This video explains more about being a STEM Ambassador: