The Bloodhound Project Wheels

Bloodhound SSC Vehicle Technical Specification: configuration 11, June 2012




Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Wheel Diameter mm 900 915  
Wheel Width mm 150 120  
Number of Keels   2 0 No Keels – V-shape
Keel Height mm 15 0 No Keels – V-shape
Keel Width mm 8 0 No Keels – V-shape
Wheel Weight kg <100 105 Base Design Aluminium Alloy.
Wheel Rotating Inertia kg.m2 <5 11.115  
Peak Wheel RPM at 1050 mph rpm 10304 10304  
Specific surface loading (kg mass / mm wheel width) kg/mm <13 15.6 Based on 7500kg, 120 mm wide
Contact area will be very small at high speed






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