The Bloodhound Project Winglets


The winglets sit either side of the front and back of BLOODHOUND SSC, slightly in front of the wheels at the front and at the bottom of the fin at the back.

Their main job is to control the trim of the Car, which they do by providing a degree of control over the lift and downforce experienced by the Car. So although they may seem relatively insignificant, they still add to the total aerodynamic package.

Fixed or adjustable?

The aerodynamic analysis that was done by the University of Swansea suggested that the Car will be stable enough for the winglets to be set at a fixed angle and not be adjusted during the run.


Not many things about the structure of the Car can be changed once the Car is complete, but the size of the winglets is one thing that could be changed in order to improve the Car’s stability. For its initial runs the rear ones will be 0.3m2 and the front ones 0.15m2. (That makes the back ones about the same area as five sheets of A4 paper.)