The Bloodhound Project Vehicle Performance

Bloodhound SSC Vehicle Technical Specification: configuration 11, June 2012


Acceleration / Velocity


Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Velocity av. of 2 runs in opposite direction over measured mile. mph >1000   To FIA regulations.
Acceleration distance mile <5.4   Total track distance 12 mile
Max Velocity (Vmax) mph 1050   Or as appropriate to achieve the above average speed


Vehicle Braking


Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Available Track Braking Distance Miles ≥5.5 5.5 Hakskeen Pan: 12 mile track
Nominal distance: Vmax to 0 mph   5.4 5.4 Airbrake OR one chute (second chute as reserve), plus wheel brakes
Max Deployment Speed mph 800 800  
  Mach ≈ 1.05 ≈1.05  
Max Deceleration g 3 3 Progressive deployment to maintain g for as long as possible
Braking Distance miles 5.4 >5.4 Airbrake-only braking dist, no chutes
Number of Parachutes   2 2 Target: 2 identical chutes, chute 2 as spare for chute 1
Max Deployment Speed mph ≈ 685 ≈ 685 Max strop load 90kN steady state, <135kN opening load
  Mach 0.9 0.9  
Max Deceleration g 3 3  
Friction Brake
Application speed mph <250   Single rotor with callipers. Steel rotor for desert use carbon for runway
Pedal Effort @ 1g N <500    
Pedal Travel @ 1g mm <100    
Brake Fade (Increase in effort) % <5    
Deceleration (g) g 1 (Tarmac)    
    0.3 (Alkali)    




Definition Unit Target Status Comment
Frontal Area m2   1.937  
M=1.4 Coefficient of Drag Area Cda <1.3 1.32  
M=0.5 Coefficient of Lift Cl   -0.38  
M=0.7 Coefficient of Lift Cl   -0.08  
M=1.0 Coefficient of Lift Cl   0.3  
M=1.4 Coefficient of Lift Cl   0.3  
Yaw Static Margin at M=1.3 % 3% - 5% ?  



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