The Bloodhound Project Learning Resources - 11 to 14 years

The BLOODHOUND SSC Education Programme provides these ideas for teachers to use when planning their lessons.

Inspired by the challenge of building a 1,000mph jet and rocket car, These BLOODHOUND themed activities are aimed at 11-14 year olds. With links to the KS3 National Curriculum but can be adapted to a wider age group and ability.

Stand Alone Resources


BLOODHOUND SSC – Air Resistance Paper Cones Practical.

An investigation to measure how the surface area of paper cone parachutes affects the drag. Includes method, and key questions.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Parachute Template

Use this Parachute template alongside the Air Resistance Investigation.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Desert Living Camp Design Task

A Powerpoint Presentation introducing a design activity: researching and planning a base camp for the BLOODHOUND SSC Team for the Land Speed Record Attempt in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Human Drogue Chutes Investigation

Make drogue chutes from bin liners and attach to human runners, to investigation the effect of drag on average running speed.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Model Disc Brakes Instructions

A design and technology wood work project to making a working model of disc brakes.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Speed of Sound Investigation KS3

A Powerpoint presentation for a whole lesson introducing the speed of sound. Includes videos of the SuperSonic Car Thrust SSC; animations to demonstration how sound and light travels, and planning an Investigation to measure the speed of sound using balloons, stopwatches and a trundle wheel.

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BLOODHOUND SSC State of Matter Worksheet

A worksheet activity describing states of matter and examples of state changes in BLOODHOUND SSC. Includes cloze exercises, and graph drawing and interpretation.

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BLOODHOUND SSC State of Matter Worksheet ANSWERS

The ANSWERS for a worksheet activity describing states of matter and examples of state changes in BLOODHOUND SSC. Includes cloze exercises, and graph drawing and interpretation.

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BLOODHOUND SSC The Science behind the Car Practical Demonstrations.

A circus of practical demonstrations, from airzooka vortices to explain how the air brakes work, to a combustion tube demonstration of rocket science.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Combustion How Jet Engines Work.

A PowerPoint presentation for a whole lesson on Jet engines, including videos, quizzes, and a combustion practical. Links to the KS3 Science National Curriculum, with extension tasks for gifted and talented students.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Distance Speed Graphs Worksheets.

A worksheet with graphing interpretation and data analysis questions, from real data from BLOODHOUND SSC’s testing runs.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Velocity Time Graphs Presentation.

A PowerPoint Presentation to complement the Distance Speed Worksheet above, includes video footage from a testing run, and explanations of the answers.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Geography Where on Earth can we run a Supersonic Car?

Linking to the KS3 Geography National Curriculum, this Presentation encompasses a variety of mapping activities from navigation, grid references, and geological research, linked to the Challenges of finding a suitable location to run a Jet and rocket powered 1,000mph car.

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Workshop Support Materials


BLOODHOUND SSC Inspirational Car Name Generator.

Help alleviate writers block, with a quiz to mix adjectives, verbs and nouns into an inspirational car name.

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BLOODHOUND SSC Introductory Activity before a Workshop.

A short video with questions to introduce the BLOODHOUND Project, also includes more links to cover all aspects of the car including drag, the fastest wheels ever made, and rocket tests.

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BLOODHOUND SSC K’Nex Cars Workshop Scaffolded Worksheet.

A worksheet designed to aid the iterative design process as teams design, build, test and analyse their K’Nex model cars.

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