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This page contains links to download the  "BLOODHOUND SSC Genome part 2" - a set of CAD (Computer Aided Design) files that complement the Vehicle Technical Specification (the "BLOODHOUND SSC Genome part 1") and will allow viewers to explore the details of BLOODHOUND SSC's design.

The files are in JT format - probably the most widely used 3D visualisation format.

To view and manipulate the CAD files, you will need to have specialist software installed on your computer. You can download a free JT file viewer for Windows from Siemens PLM Software called JT2Go. Just go to the JT2Go website to find out more; follow the links to the download, or click on the link below.


click here to access the JT2Go download page

You may need to download the installation file, right click and "run as Administrator" to install.


Once you have your viewer installed, you will need to download the JT files from us using the link below:


April 2010 version:


This download is 45.3 Mb, so may take not quite as long depending on your connection speed!


2013 Configuration:


This file is even bigger at 197MB but contains more detail and you need a reasonably powerful computer to run it with JT2Go.


When you have downloaded the Genome file, expand it into its constituent files and folders. You should end up with a file called Genome_Vx_0.jt and a folder called Genome_Vx_0 containing more than 100 files with the file extension .jt. Do not change any of these file names or structure. If you are using JT2Go, launch the program and click file/open and open the file Genome_Vx_0.jt. This will automatically access all the other files and open them, and you will see BLOODHOUND SSC ready for you to manipulate and explore!

Here are two sample JT2Go screen shots - one complete, and one with the body switched off:


You will soon get to know your way round, but to give you a start, there is a description of the major sub assemblies on a downloadable PDF document

For a more comprehensive introduction to JT2Go and the BLOODHOUND SSC Cad files, see our JT2Go guide



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