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Keep up to date with the Bloodhound LSR project on their website at www.bloodhoundlsr.com
One of our most favourite and popular activities is making balloon powered cars. By popular demand, the BLOODHOUND SSC balloon car kit is now available for you to buy and make!
Bloodhound SSC Education Ltd confirms that its comprehensive range of inspirational STEM education activities based on the world land speed record BLOODHOUND Project will continue as usual, following...
Jess Herbert was inspired by the BLOODHOUND Project to become an engineer and at the end of 2016 she was named runner-up in the 2016 EEF Future Manufacturing Awards in the South-West, following the...
Find out about the BLOODHOUND Project through our series of infographics, including facts about the Car, the desert and the World Land Speed Record.
Our Education team offer a range of exciting workshops linked to the National Curriculum that are suitable for children aged 7 and above.

BLOODHOUND Inspiration

BLOODHOUND SSC is a unique, high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph barrier and set a new world land speed record. Designed and constructed in the UK, BLOODHOUND SSC includes components and sponsorship from international companies and will make its record attempt in South Africa.

We are sharing this international engineering adventure with a global audience. Why? Because we love science, technology, engineering and mathematics , and BLOODHOUND SSC shows how amazing – and fun – they can be!