The Bloodhound Project Supersonic Selfies

Supersonic Selfies

Thank you to all our Supersonic Selfies ...

William Terry Happy Birthday Will, now you are supersonic!!
Carole Brackley *SPEED* =D
Kev Galloway  
Duncan Bond Good luck Bloodhound Team
Timon Pratt See you on the salt
Geraint Hicks Geraint: the inspiration behind Bloodhound!
Graham Hunt Good luck Andy and the Bloodhound team!
Adam & Ben Adam & Ben with a slightly faster car than Dad's

Jake Jeffery  
Sean Wright From someone who has followed you ever since I saw Thrust 2, you continue to amaze and inspire me. To 1000mph and beyond!
Peter Schmitz Very glad that the record will be broken here in South Africa
Thomas Fallon 1000mph Here we go!!!
Gavin Sharp Best of luck to Andy & the entire team, race into history and inspire the next generation for budding engineers.
Leslie Charles Spiers  
Alan T Kelleher Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.
Nasza krew :-) Godspeed the smart and the brave
Sleeping minds :-)... Don't divide, bring together
Heydon Hall Great to be part of such an amazing adventure. God Bless.
Chris and Lynn Dixon I know they said we got married quickly but not this fast!
Brian Su All records are meant to be broken! Let us raise the bar to give our future generations an opportunity to go one better. All The Best!!!
Dennis Dean Good Luck and Good Hunting, Andy!
Neil Rowe The need for speed. Good luck from Neil & Chris
Archie Lawson I am not a bloodhound but I want to go as fast as one
Ken Howlett For the pursuit of British Engineering excellence, I salute you!
Mia Nicole Hartley Best of luck!
Ben Sutton  
Simon and Ava Happy Birthday Simon
Flynn and Cameron Flynn and Cameron
Cailaberry Happy Birthday 2016 xx
Mark Curbishley Happy Fathers Day Dad, hold on tight!

Dean Morris walkden worsley man Chester uk

Russell Pointing Vade uncta lumen (Latin for Go Greased Lightening) I think
Rob Evans Twinkle and Frog
Kent Kit Car Club  
Matt & Sara Our lifes begun, everything under the sun, but this! 16/07/2016
Dr Peter and Sandy Chiu Let's bring Mallard, the fastest steam locomotive in the world (125.88 mph achieved on 3/7/1938) to witness this exciting moment.
Michael Hoskinson Happy Birthday Michael - is this fast enough?
1000mph Kings The Kings go Supersonic...and beyond
Charlie & Conor Cowell Faster Faster!!!
Claude Walawage I am excited to be a part of the project.
Alexander Ceh Speed King
Norwich Airport Aviation Group  
Chris Lynch Best of luck to hit 1Kmph
Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers  
Gillingham Stockmens Club  
JOHN TOLNER Weeeeeeeee!
Rob Anderson  
Iqbal Singh Bains As you take your place amongst the stars, be at peace with the knowledge that our families will never walk alone
Norwich Engineering Society Norwich Engineering Society supports STEM students with awards and practical aid.
John and Autumn For kids, For us. God Speed
Peter Harding  
Bob Dawes  
Paul D McGinn 1K is OK !
Billy, Danny, Blake & Philip Good Luck in South Africa - We'll be with you all the way. The Speeding Snakes
JP and Pierre Bester We are here for a good time, not a long time
Jeanette Happy 90th Birthday
Steve & Lisa Emmerson Happy High Speed Birthday. Xx
Paul Hanmore GO BRITS!
Scott Mills For my amazing son,Scott Mills, who had just passed his driving test and driven 717 miles when he died during surgery. Lets go for a drive!
AllSafe Group We're pleased to support Bloodhound and Andy Green on their World Land Speed Record attempt
Rod Paterson Go Bloodhound 1000 mph Good Luck from Rod,Debby & Alex Paterson
Hudson Stewart & Papa "Don't ever tell your mom I took you joyriding at over 1,000 mph."
David Thomas Macdonald Tally-Ho Tally-Ho!
Sundip Dosanjh

So Proud of Bloodhound and the Team

Go Bloodhound!!

Molloy's Dublin Following since Thrust..Fantastic inspiration
Clinton & Elizabeth To my fellow "Pipehitters": I'm proud to play a small part in pushing the edge.
Bloodhound Record Attempt fans We'd all like to wish the Bloodhound crew success with the record breaking attempt. Fly the flag for GB.
Norfolk & Norwich Rover Owners Club  
Bond and M on Tour Roger Moore and Elaine Edwards (aka Bond & M ) wishing you all the best for the your record breaking challenge.
ARTHUR HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTHUR !! Hold on Arthur & Henry......it's going to go at 1000 miles per hour !!!
AHAWC Arthur, Henry, Amelia, Wilfred and Caius......you are all whizzzzzzing into the record books at 1000mph!!!
Papa and Hudson Stewart "WOW! Papa, that was fun, can we do that again?"
John McElnea Happy Birthday John!
John Stares, Nick Russell Steve Brimble Wishing Andy & the Team success at Hakskeen
Kev Benney awesome car x
Sue Benney Andy Green.. Go like the wind xx
Arran Stillwell-Cox Happy birthday babe. Go Andy!! Xx
Jerry Ferris Good luck for the attempt!
Matthew Tanner Have a Supersonic Christmas 2017! Love Dad
Ian and Jack Great fans from Malta!!!!
Paul R P Healy and family Go Bloodhound SSC! Good luck to Andy Green MBE and the whole Bloodhound SSC Team from Paul R P Healy and his two daughters Freya and Daisy Healy and their Grandad and my dad Peter Healy. You all make us proud to be British. Woosh.....1k MPH here we go!!!
Callum R Knight Happy Birthday Cally!! Enjoy the fastest ride of your life little man!!!
Margaret Oatway Such a lovely lady
Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists  
Jamie Norman Happy Birthday Jamie - Fay, Jacob and Isobel x


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