The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND SSC for kids

Welcome to the BLOODHOUND website. Here you should be able to find everything you need to know about this exciting Project to build a supersonic car. Being supersonic means that it will travel faster than the speed of sound – but we’re designing it to be even faster as we want to beat the current World Land Speed Record and go faster than 1,000mph.

Our Car is being put together in Bristol, in south-west England, and the Car’s driver – Andy Green – is British. But it’s really a global project as some of the parts of the Car are being built in other countries and then we will race the Car in a desert in South Africa.

About the Car

BLOODHOUND SSC can only travel faster than 1,000mph because it has both a rocket AND a jet engine (like the ones used in fighter planes). It also uses a third engine to pump the fuel into the rocket – this engine might only be a pump in BLOODHOUND, but actually it is as powerful as the ones used in normal racing cars.

You can find out more about the Car and where the record will be attempted in the Project section of our website:

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Facts and figures

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For older kids

There’s lots of useful information about BLOODHOUND projects for schools in our Education section but you can do a lot of these at home as well

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