The Bloodhound Project Hakskeen Pan update

Hakskeen Pan update

Desert news
Wednesday, 18 January, 2017


At the start of the New Year, news came in from our team in South Africa and from our supporters in the area to say that Hakskeen Pan had flooded.

This particular flood was caused mainly by the rain in Namibia and flooding from the rivers, rather than actual rainfall on the Pan and surrounding catchment area, as there are many rivers that flow into the Pan.

One of our supporters, Nathan Milborrow, said via Facebook: “We spent New Year on the Orange River close by. It came down in buckets, with an electric lightning storm!”

Why does flooding matter?

Having the desert flood like this is very good news for us, as flooding helps to repair the surface from any damage that may have been caused in the final preparation and clearance of the desert, and it helps to create the best possible surface for land speed record racing.

Send us your photos

Thank you to our supporters in the Hakskeen Pan area who sent us their pictures of the flooded Pan, and in particular to Annali Becker whose photo we’ve featured below. (Top image courtesy of the BLOODHOUND Team in South Africa.)

If you are in the Hakskeen Pan area or happen to drive past the Pan, please do send us your pictures, as we love to see them! Send them via our social channels with the hashtag #HakskeenPan