The Bloodhound Project Rainham Industrial Services join 1000 mph engineering adventure

Rainham Industrial Services join 1000 mph engineering adventure

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Thursday, 12 February, 2009

Rainham Industrial Services (RIS) announces its support for The BLOODHOUND Project; the science and engineering education programme and 1,000 mph land speed record attempt and lead by Richard Noble OBE and Andy Green OBE, current land speed record holders.

Rainham Industrial Services are one of the largest privately owned multi-services companies in the United Kingdom. With offices throughout the country, R.I.S. provide services nationwide including: Scaffolding, Asbestos Removal, Thermal Insulation, Refractory and Heavy Mechanical Engineering to the Power Generation, Waste to Energy, Petrochemical and Manufacturing Industries.

A financial sponsor, Rainham Industrial Services’s logo will be the first to feature on the side stripe of BLOODHOUND SSC (super sonic car). RIS is also providing high-level health & safety advice to the team.

Tim McCarthy, Chief Executive of RIS said: “Rainham Industrial Services are delighted and proud to be associated this project which continues the British tradition of pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial skills and bravery had by the likes of Brunel, James Watt, Charles Parsons, and of course Richard Noble and Andy Green.

“But more importantly, to know we are investing in a project whose underlying intent is to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, whose knowledge, training and experience will be needed to rebuild Britain’s aging infrastructure. We hope through this association, our employees and clients will be inspired and excited by the challenges faced by The BLOODHOUND Project.”

Richard Noble, Project Director of The BLOODHOUND Project said: “RIS understand the thinking behind The BLOODHOUND Project perfectly. It’s not just about going very fast. We’re looking to inspire the next generation, who will be charged with dealing with the world’s global challenges, to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We are delighted to have RIS on board – whose expertise will be invaluable to the Project”


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