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STEM in Action

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Friday, 29 November, 2013

STEM in Action is an annual event arranged by the local STEM contact holder HETA, the contract is managed by Niki Bardsley, who incidentally is married to John Bardsley who looks after the Arco Bloodhound Ambassadors from their HQ in Hull.  Since 2002 The KC Stadium has been the venue for a variety of STEM initiatives from local businesses and organisations with the aim of getting the young people from the local Humber schools a better understanding of the opportunities available to them both locally and nationally through STEM education.

Over the two days, the exhibitors work with over 650 young people on a variety of STEM related activities ranging from Bloodhound SSC to how to extract DNA and pretty much everything in between!

John and the Arco Bloodhound Ambassadors delivered a great presentation and Balloon Car activity to all the 650 7 to 11 year old pupils who attended the event.  Hands on and lots of fun, the sound level increased around the Bloodhound activity as the young people built, tested, evaluated and re-tested their cars.  All the pupils were given their cars to take home so the Bloodhound and STEM message is being delivered throughout Hull and the surrounding areas.

Callum from Foredyke Primary told me that he enjoyed building and racing the car, and the idea of driving a car at a 1000 mph; however he was surprised how fast Bloodhound was compared to the Bugatti Veyron! Mia from Bilton Primary added that she had learnt a lot about Bloodhound and had enjoyed building and racing the car with her classmates.

Other STEM sessions had been arranged and delivered by the I Mech E, IET, ICE, TATA Steel, Stem Net (led by Bloodhound Ambassador Stuart Bontoft), the Coastguard, Kingston Communications and HETA who has an interesting take on the K'Nex Challenge.

Niki from HETA said "we are keen on developing STEM capacity in the City and Humber Region to meet the challenges of developing and emerging technologies that are being developed in the area.  The young people have had fun, learnt a lot and we hope that they will continue to be inspired by STEM and in particular, Bloodhound SSC!"