The Bloodhound Project Trial fit of the EJ200 Jet Engine

Trial fit of the EJ200 Jet Engine

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Wednesday, 1 October, 2014
The engine lift begins

Today at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre near Bristol, the EJ200 jet engine was carefully lowered onto the lower chassis so that engineers can check out for real that everything fits together and there is still room to do the essential maintenence.

Using a hand-operated pulley, the engine was gently eased from its storage cradle by Dave ('Tufty') Tuffs and raised high enough to be manoeuvred exactly over the chassis before being slowly and carefully lowered into place. Once in position, the engine and the carbon composite air intake duct were joined up and everything was secured into place ready for the next stage.

The engine is moved over the chassis ...
... and lowered into place

Over the next day or so, the upper chassis ribs will be fitted back over the engine ... and BLOODHOUND SSC will look more complete than it ever has!