The Bloodhound Project Watch what happened at BLOODHOUND's first public runs

Watch what happened at BLOODHOUND's first public runs

Thursday, 26 October, 2017

BLOODHOUND SSC today made its first public runs and the first runs over 200mph, reaching a peak speed of 210mph. 

The event was streamed live online, but if you missed it or want to relive the day, you can watch it here.

Live stream video recording


Aproximate Time Highlight
0:08:00 Video of tie down test
0:15:00 BLOODHOUND SSC rolling out of HAS
0:18:30 BLOODHOUND SSC leaves event to go to runway
0:39:30 BLOODHOUND SSC starts engine
0:43:30 BLOODHOUND SSC sets off to the start line
0:50:30 Run 1
0:57:30 Run 2
1:12:30 interview with Andy Green and Joe Holdsworth
1:18:30 Video of Andy Green in a Typhoon
1:40:00 interview with Ben Evans (BLOODHOUND Aerodynamicist)
1:45:00 interview with Ollie Marriage (Top Gear)
2:03:00 interview with Kedar Pandya (Associate Director of EPSRC)
2:09:40 Andy Green talking about ThrustSSC
2:16:30 interview with Stuart Edmonson (BLOODHOUND Head of Operations)
2:20:20 video of wheel testing at Hakskeenpan
2:32:00 Jenny Gow in the Education Zone
2:40:00 Tour of HAS video
2:48:00 interview with Charlie Dagata (CBS) about flying with Andy Green in his aerobatic plane
2:57:30 Video of Andy Green flying in aerobatic with Chris Harris (Top Gear)
3:04:00 interview with Kirsty Allpress and Rob Bennett (BLOODHOUND Education)