The Bloodhound Project Pi Day - A Wheely Big Maths Problem

Pi Day - A Wheely Big Maths Problem

Maths question of the week
Friday, 13 March, 2015

In honour of Pi Day, which celebrates the mathematical constant 3.14 on March 14, BLOODHOUND has a special maths problem to show students that pi is more than just a fancy number. 2015, is even more significant for Pi Day on 3 (March) 14th 2015…. 3.1415.

Pi is in our skies! It keeps BLOODHOUND’s wheels spinning. BLOODHOUND's wheels will be the fastest in history!

BLOODHOUND’s high speed wheels will be forged from solid aluminium, using low-risk techniques and materials that have worked well in the past. Castle Precision Engineering will take on the manufacture of both the UK runway and desert wheels.


When BLOODHOUND reaches the end of the 12 mile desert track, how many times will its 900 mm diameter wheels have rotated?

(Hint: remember to convert units!)

Take pi as 3.1415.

Our answer will be published here soon, so bookmark this page and come back to see if you get the same result