The Bloodhound Project Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Engineering Director

My Background

I graduated from Bath in ’92 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to work on a wide range of projects, from designing the rotor control actuators for the AB139 helicopter, to a sewage works in Totnes, though this perhaps was pushing the limits for what could be termed fluid dynamics!.

However, for the main I’ve been involved with aerospace projects including a couple of years out in Seattle for Boeing with their Propulsion Systems Division, and quite a portion based at Rolls Royce in Bristol. Most recently I’ve spent nearly 4 years as part of the design team on the STOVL system for the F-35 Lightning II, the Joint Strike Fighter.

BLOODHOUND...and other 'projects'

I’ve been involved with Richard on a couple of previous ventures, and I can safely say that they’ve never been dull. So when I had a call about whether I’d be interested in being involved in a car based project, it didn’t take long to say yes.

This is my first foray into the world of motorsport, apart from my own attempts at driving a rally car – I managed to convince Katia (after a little wine or two) that for our honeymoon it would be a great idea to enter a Lancia Stratos’ replica into the London-Athens World Cup rally, which was, how shall I put it, character forming – just don’t mention Albania.

I live in a fantastic, slightly ramshackle, old farm cottage with Katia and our three children Thomas, Sophie and Peter, surrounded by what Katia variously describes as “projects” or scrap. An old car I started to restore has spawned into several more, so suddenly I find myself with a garage and yard full, and seem to be project rich but time poor. A toddler, a two year old and a leaky, drafty house don’t seem to be lending themselves to evenings with a welder, so best keep an eye on eBay.

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In Search of Speed

Friday, 5 April, 2013 - 07:39

University of the West of England (UWE) film students used BLOODHOUND as the subject for their final year project. They visited the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre, conducted interviews with the team and produced this fantastic film:

Written and directed by Keith Scott
Director of photography Ollie Green
Sound by Chris Waywell
Edited by Anna Rashleigh
Visual effects by Flock London
Key animation supervisor Tav Fleet

Bloodhound Team win the IED award for Promotion of Design

Wednesday, 10 August, 2011 - 09:48

Part of the Bloodhound mission statement is to "Motivate the next generation to deal with global 21st century Challenges", we have signed up over 4500 schools made countless presentations to schools and colleges and hopefully inspired some children along the way. Recently this work was recognised by the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) at their annual awards ceremony.