The Bloodhound Project Special Category Sponsors

The BLOODHOUND Project is supported by a select group of companies that provide a unique service or product to the Team. These currently include partners for Timing, Network and Video, Cloud, Logistics and Eyewear.

Each of these companies has agreed a sponsorship designation with the BLOODHOUND Project that matches their contribution.

If you can offer the Project something special, please get in touch with our Sponsorship Team to discuss how we can work together: sponsorship@bloodhoundssc.com

Special Category Sponsors

Official Timing Partner

Rolex is the Official Timing Partner for the BLOODHOUND Project. As part of its sponsorship, the legendary Swiss luxury watchmaking brand has produced two bespoke, high precision instruments exclusively developed and manufactured for BLOODHOUND SSC: an analogue speedometer and chronograph for the cockpit of the Car.

Network and Video Partner

Cisco is BLOODHOUND’s Network and Video Partner, providing networking infrastructure, security and collaboration products to help the Team to run operations effectively and efficiently, and bring people together; including engineers, sponsors and students all over the world. The company is also powering our video channel, Cisco BLOODHOUND TV (BHTV).

Official Logistics Partner

Arthur Spriggs & Sons uses its skills and experience to transport our unique and very precious car – BLOODHOUND SSC – around the UK, as well as helping us to move other vital BLOODHOUND goods, such as our show car. Spriggs also provided much-appreciated Team support at our Newquay event.

Official Eyewear Provider

Belstaff, the modern British heritage brand, is the Project’s official eyewear sponsor. Belstaff has worked with the BLOODHOUND Team and driver Andy Green to launch a unique pair of sunglasses, designed for use in the South African desert during the record attempts.