The Bloodhound Project Cam Lock

Cam Lock

Cam Lock, a subsidiary of the Camberley Group Plc, is a leading edge technology company in the field of respiratory protection together with our sister company Camberley Rubber Mouldings whose specialist capabilities lie in elastomeric moulding technologies.

Cam Lock’s range of Critical Life Safety breathing apparatus are amongst some of the most technologically advanced systems available. The combination of enhanced performance and reliability, with cutting edge safety features, offers real user benefits.

Having gained a reputation with the British and US defence forces for the supply of aircrew respirators providing chemical warfare protection, and for the high performance ADOM 9G advanced dynamic oxygen mask used in the +9G highly agile next-generation fast jet fighter aircraft such as the Typhoon (Eurofighter) and Saab Gripen, Cam Lock has used this experience to move into the manufacture of breathing apparatus designed for stringent industrial applications.

The first of these industrial products was the FAST-mask, unique amongst all other masks currently on the market as it can be donned in less than five seconds. Where other systems require you to put on the mask and then manually tighten a series of tensioning straps, with the FAST-mask such time consuming problems are eliminated as once deployed the head harness automatically expands and then automatically tensions itself once a face seal is achieved. This quick donning facemask offers instant protection, which is faster than any other system.

Cam Lock then took this technology to an even higher level of performance with the development of the FAST-cowl high protection factor face mask for use in high pressure sour gas projects.

The Camberley Group are delighted to be sponsors of the Bloodhound SSC project through the provision of the cockpit breathing system for Andy Green, which incorporates the ADOM 9G oxygen mask inside his F1 helmet with positive pressure breathing air supplied via our demand valve regulator mounted behind the cockpit panels and the lightweight composite 300 bar breathing air cylinder secured behind the driver’s seat.