The Bloodhound Project Castrol



The BLOODHOUND Project is proud to announce a new partnership with Castrol,  the world’s leading lubricant brand, who will provide high performance lubricants, brake and hydraulic fluids for use in the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car - the 1,000 mph Land Speed racing car now being constructed in Bristol, UK.

Castrol has always been synonymous with pioneering achievements, passion and performance and has been integral to some of the greatest performances on earth. Castrol has supported the spectacular feats of early pioneers and record breakers on land, water and in the air and that continues with this exciting new partnership with Bloodhound.

The company has a notable heritage in Land Speed Racing, the original, purest and fastest form of automotive competition. The land speed record has been broken 21 times with Castrol as a partner, from Sir Malcolm Campbell’s first record attempt in 1924 (146mph / 235kmh) to a 30-year history of supporting the Thrust campaigns. Thrust successfully raised the Land Speed Record first to 633 mph (1,019 kmh) with Richard Noble’s Thrust 2, and then to 763 mph (1,228 kmh) with Andy Green at the helm of Thrust SSC in 1997. This record still stands today and will be the first target for BLOODHOUND SSC when it arrives in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa in 2015.

The new 135,000 thrust hp racing car will use a variety of state of the art Castrol products during testing and record attempts, including the company’s strongest ever oil - Castrol EDGE, motorsport formula brake fluid - Castrol React SRF and NASA specification Castrol hydraulic fluids. 

Mandhir Singh, Global Chief Executive of Castrol said, “We are delighted to support the Bloodhound Project. At Castrol, we have a proud history of fuelling pioneers and this partnership gives us the chance to showcase how our high performance products set new standards and push boundaries.”

BLOODHOUND Project Director Richard Noble said “We are delighted that Castrol has joined the team. Their brand is synonymous with racing at the highest levels and, of course, with many pioneering achievements in Land Speed Racing.  I am happy to continue a 30 years relationship with Castrol having worked with them on both Thrust 2 & Thrust SSC projects. They are a great brand and will not only work with us on the technical side, they will help us share this Engineering Adventure with a global audience.”