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Horstman Defence Systems

Horstman Launch a Range of Engineering Services

Horstman Defence Systems Limited has a longstanding history in designing and manufacturing military suspension products. Horstman are now extending their business through a range of value adding engineering consultancy and manufacturing management services.

Product Development – Single Point Design, Testing, Correlation and Manufacture

Horstman can help to significantly streamline all or part of the product development process. We have considerable expertise in design, development, testing and finite element modelling of:
•    Suspension systems
•    Sealing technologies
•    High pressure hydraulics and gas products

Importantly, we can also manufacture products in-house from prototype through to full rate production according to our Customers’ needs.

Horstman add value to the product development process by ensuring that design requirements are met, whilst concurrently considering test and analysis needs, reducing the need for re-design, re-analysis and/or re-testing. Working to stringent timescales and specifications, up-front costs are clearer and timescales met, all with the backing of a world renowned and established engineering company.

Complex Manufacturing Project Management

Horstman have a proven track record of taking complex products or parts and managing the whole manufacturing process seamlessly from start to finish – single order, single delivery, often multiple separate and vastly different processes. From precision machining to treatments, from coatings to testing, from assembly to packaging, all managed and delivered by a single source. Less time, clearer costs, high quality, all delivered on time and to meet our Customers’ requirements.

For more information, please download the Horstman Services information sheet