The Bloodhound Project Rossetts Commercials Mercedes-Benz

Rossetts Commercials Mercedes-Benz

As the local Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealer in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire with many hundreds of customers covering everyone from local traders to international hauliers, Rossetts are experts in everything to do with trucks and vans. As product sponsors, Rossetts will be providing vans and trucks to the Bloodhound SSC team to help transport event equipment and the all important lifesize show car.

“We are thrilled to be involved in the project” explained Perry Reeves, Dealer Principal for Rossetts (pictured right with Richard Noble), “as a company Rossetts relies heavily on its qualified engineering staff to solve mathematical and technological problems on an hourly basis to keep our customers’ vehicles on the road. It’s not just the workshop roles that require technical knowledge though, our sales people must calculate things like payload and loadspace and understand drive ratios, for example, if they are to correctly order a vehicle to suit the needs of the job it will be required to do.  Even in our marketing department the graphic design involves vectors.  Anything we can do to help encourage young people to take an interest in science and engineering will aid our company in the future. Working with the Bloodhound SSC is therefore a great fit for us.  How can something this exciting fail to get people motivated about science and mathematics again!?”

To find out more about Rossetts Commercials, watch videos on the work Rossetts are doing with BloodhoundSSC and find details on its apprentice schemes visit www.rossetts.co.uk. You can also find Rossetts @TeamRossetts or on Facebook at ‘RossettsontheRoad’. Get involved.

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