The Bloodhound Project Serco Group

Serco Group

Serco is an international services business with an annual turnover of around £3bn and over 40,000 employees worldwide. We work with governments to manage a wide range of public services.

These services touch almost everyone’s life since we work across a very wide range of public services markets including defence, transport, health, education, civil government, technology and scientific research.

Our passion is about delivering the best quality and most efficient services.
This means we cannot be complacent. We must always be looking for better ways to manage things, new technologies and ways to innovate. This is what excites us about BLOODHOUND SSC.

Not only has the National Physical Laboratory, which is one of Serco’s businesses, been assisting The BLOODHOUND Team with its advanced technology development but we recognise the other social and economic opportunities that are an integral part of this programme.

Our own business currently employs 6000 scientists, mathematicians and engineers. In the future, we will require new, home grown scientific and engineering talent. Linked to that we currently have 48,000 children who are advancing through the educational system in Serco managed schools. We recognise a real need to inspire young people by showing them the tangible result of maths and science based courses.

The BLOODHOUND Project demonstrates what is possible when people bring together these skills to invent. It makes engineering, which has such an important role in our future economic and social development, exciting and attractive. Furthermore, we recognise that this is more than just a land speed record attempt. The knowledge gained from this innovative and exciting project has truly practical applications that will be carried forward into industry in future years.


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