The Bloodhound Project Tektronix UK Ltd.

Tektronix UK Ltd.

Tektronix benchtop test equipment is helping with development of Bloodhound SSC control systems.

Reliable communication between the different control system elements is essential, but debugging and testing the network topology can be challenging.  Engineers need to quickly view and decode the various protocols, and correlate network communication data with external events triggered by sensors or transducers.  Tektronix solutions include:

  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes which allow designers to make precise timing measurements, identify signal integrity issues, perform margin testing, as well as monitor and correlate multiple system buses for total system visibility.
  • Arbitrary Function Generators, which recreate the complex signals that Bloodhound will encounter when attempting the land speed record, and so provide the ability to exercise the control system design in the lab under “real-world” conditions.
  • Precision Digital Multimeters, to measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency and other electrical parameters with a high degree of accuracy to validate the design.  
  • Advanced Software tools for processing, analysis, and reporting capabilities applied to data being acquired from Tektronix instruments.

In addition Tektronix is helping Bloodhound SSC achieve its education goals with tutorials, webinars, and white papers available from Tektronix Learning Center.