The Bloodhound Project Umeco Composites

Umeco Composites

Who is Umeco?

Umeco is a leading provider of materials and process solutions to the composites industry. Umeco services a wide range of applications in its core aerospace and defence markets and in other high performance technology industries such as motorsport, automotive, marine and wind energy. The Umeco product portfolio includes prepreg materials from Advanced Composites Group and JD Lincoln, polyester and glass fibre distribution to the European market through GRPMS and vacuum bagging materials from Richmond Aerovac.


Why did Umeco decide to get involved?

Bloodhound SSC is an engineer’s dream and many of us here at Umeco are passionate about what the project represents and were very keen to get involved and be part of the adventure.

Bloodhound SSC is also the perfect project for Umeco to showcase our expertise and technologies and pass on the benefits of our involvement to other projects.


Involvement in the Bloodhound project

It is Umeco’s Advanced Composites Group (ACG) that has taken on the challenge, as a product sponsor in this project, will be providing composite materials, tooling, design and component manufacturing capability. ACG will provide the skills and materials needed to deliver high performance, light but strong components that will be key to the Bloodhound critical mass and ultimately to its success.


Contact details:

Umeco plc
Composites House
Sinclair Close
Heanor, Derbyshire
DE75 7SP
Tel: +44(0)1773 766200
Fax: +44(0)1773530245
Email: sales@acg.co.uk
Web: www.acg.co.uk