The Bloodhound Project Put your name on the Car's fin

See your name on BLOODHOUND SSC as it challenges for a World Land Speed Record of 1,000mph!

The flag on BLOODHOUND SSC's fin will be made up of the names of people and organisations who have donated to the BLOODHOUND Project. The number of names will be limited by the size of the fin, but we will ensure that each name will be large enough to be read when close up.

We intend to build replica fins, both physical and on our website, in time for the roll-out of the Car, and we will tell you where you can find your name.

There are three ways that you can add your name, or the name of a school, group or business, to the fin.

Personal scheme for individuals - from £15

This scheme is intended for individual supporters. For a minimum donation of just £15, your name will be included on the fin. As a thank you from the Project, you will be emailed a personalised certificate and your name will be included in a role of honour on the website. 

Schools, colleges and youth groups 

This option is suitable for schools, colleges and youth groups, who will see their name printed slightly larger on the fin in a separate area of the flag. As well as being sent a certificate, you will have a larger entry on our website that is linked to your organisation.

The minimum donation for schools, colleges and groups is £50.

Enhanced Fin Scheme for businesses and other organisations

The Enhanced Fin Scheme is aimed at businesses, organisations and personal supporters who would like to help us that bit more!

Donors to this scheme will get their name, or organisation's name, printed even larger on an exclusive area of the fin. Your will receive

  • a personalised emailed certificate
  • an exclusive signed and numbered print to hang on your boardroom or clubroom wall
  • a slot on our website for your name, your message of up to 25 words, your logo and a link to your website.

The minimum donation for the Enhanced Fin Scheme is £500.

If you would like to take part in this scheme, please email the sponsorship team to register your interest.

Donors to the Enhanced Fin Scheme can be seen here.