The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND to test fire Britain's biggest hybrid rocket

BLOODHOUND to test fire Britain's biggest hybrid rocket

Press Release
Thursday, 3 March, 2011

It was announced today (03.03.11) that The BLOODHOUND Project will undertake the first full test firing of their 122 kN (27,000lbs) prototype hybrid rocket in the UK. Created especially for the BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record car it will be the largest rocket tested in this country for twenty years.

The announcement was made at Cosworth HQ in Northampton. Picture above left to right: Richard Noble, BLOODHOUND SSC Project Director, Mark Chapman BLOODHOUND SSC Chief Engineer, Brian Lecomber, Tim Routsis, CEO Cosworth, Daniel Jubb, BLOODHOUND SSC Falcon rocket

A number of sites are currently being evaluated for the test which will take place this summer.

The rocket, like the Project itself, is a remarkable story of innovation and achievement against the odds.

Download the full press release: BLOODHOUND_To_Test_Fire_Britain's_Biggest_Hybrid_rocket_Final.pdf.

Download the background information on BLOODHOUND's hybrid rocket: BLOODHOUND_hybrid_rocket_-_info[1].pdf or see our web page