The Bloodhound Project Dave Rowley

Dave Rowley

Head of Education South Africa

Dave commenced his engineering career with an electrical and electronic apprenticeship at the British Aerospace (BAe) site at Filton working on the Concorde programme. His work with education started with recruitment and schools liaison for BAe and he then joined a small team at the CBI Education Foundation to set up the UK Teacher Placement Service. This was followed by national roles with BAE Systems and Young Engineers to focus on the promotion of engineering and technology to young people and teachers.

His role at The Royal Academy of Engineering focused on bringing coherence to the promotion of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and was invited to join the BLOODHOUND programme education team. This STEM coherence is now being developed through his work with BLOODHOUND SSC as education programme director.

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BLOODHOUND connects pupils across continents

Tuesday, 4 March, 2014 - 13:02

The BLOODHOUND Project is connecting pupils from the UK - where the supersonic car is being built - and the outlying areas of the Northern Cape in South Africa, with the donation of hundreds of books being sent to the Northern Cape.

Pupils from Avon Primary School, located close to the Bloodhound Technical Centre and situated in the South West of England, recently took it upon themselves to donate their library books to schools in the Northern Cape, where basic education tools like reference and research books often are luxury items.

Richard Noble visits the Northern Cape

Thursday, 17 January, 2013 - 14:18

The opportunity for the Bloodhound team to say thank you to the Hakskeenpan workers and their families came about when Richard Noble visited the Northern Cape in December. The mammoth task the workers have undertaken over the past year was to clear the 20 km track of 6,000 tonnes of stones and rocks, resulting in the first world record associated with the Bloodhound Project – the largest land mass cleared by hand and the equivalent of 4,000 football pitches!

Kalahari Speedweek 2012

Thursday, 22 November, 2012 - 15:58

Hakskeenpan played host recently to the first Kalahari Speedweek in South Africa when hundreds of car and motorbike fans unleashed their vehicles on the surface of the pan in the far north west of the Northern Cape. Speed was the name of the game for the multitude of very different young and old entries ahead of BLOODHOUND SSC’s arrival in 2013 and was a great trial run to show what the team must expect.